AirQore Labs is a leading-edge innovator in the development of patented chemical compounds & processes for Indoor Air Quality and CO2 emissions control. Pressure is mounting for building owners to provide cleaner air spaces for healthy work environments. AirQore can help your organization to seamlessly deploy solutions to obtain these goals which are also aligned with the growing ESG transition.

The AirQore solution produces clean healthy air, reduces operating costs, and lowers energy requirements with unparalleled efficacy. The upgrade only requires regular and routine filter replacements and therefore no changes to existing ventilation infrastructure are needed.

The technology has been developed by some of the world’s leading chemists and scientists in the air quality field. Operational stewardship is  provided by a team of veteran business leaders and global industry advisors with decades of experience.  Research and commerce partners include renowned academic institutions and major industry players. Contact us via the form below to learn more about our products, the science, the team, and how we can add to your bottom line.

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